Offices class A in Sofia

The Bulding

Business Center “Evrotur 2” is divided in two parts: Corpus A – administrative, and Corpus B – residential. There is one basement area, common for both corpuses, which has been designed for storage compartments for the apartments, storages for the stores on the ground floor, underground parking and an underground switchyard.

Corpus A has six main floors and one additional floor in the area under the roof. Corpus B has four residential floors and one additional floor with two workshops at the top. Each floor has two sanitary facilities. All premises are fully finished: painted walls, hanging ceilings, laminate in the offices and granitogres in the common areas.

In total Business Center “Evrotur 2” consists of 8 stores, 8 apartments, 2 workshops and 34 offices.


General Information
Business Center “Evrotur 2” has an excellent location in Downtown Sofia – on the corner of Rakovski St. and Pop Bogomil St. The building is on an extremely well connected spot. It is very close to Dondukov Blvd., which leads to all central state institutions including The Council of Ministers and the Presidency of the Republic of Bulgaria. The key location makes the building suitable both for commercial activities, as well as for living.
Total floor area: 3 231 sq.m.

Permission to Use /Act 16/: from 5 August 2010

Investor: Evrotur Relax Sat TV Ltd.

Main contractor: PGS Engineering Ltd.


Business Center "Evrotur", fl. 1, office 2
12 Mihail Tenev St., Sofia 1784, Bulgaria
office @
+359 888 699 810
+359 2 970 48 48